¥5,000 Cash Back Group Training Campaign

We appreciate you visiting our LFBX Gym website. We are offering a ¥5,000 Cashback Special to all people who book a trial session thorugh our website and sign up on the day of the trial session.

In addition, if you sign up on the day of your trial session, your membership fee of ¥22,000 and administrative fee of ¥1,100 will be waived for a total discount of ¥28,000.

We are offering this campaign to the first 30 people who sign up. We look forward to serving you. Success loves speed.

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Here’s what our satisfied clients have to say.

If you are looking for an amazing trainer who can speak English LFBX Gym is definitely the place! I’ve tried many gyms all around Tokyo from big franchise gyms to small private trainer gyms and have never been satisfied with the results I was trying to achieve. Bodhi is a great and experienced trainer with an amazing background, every session has been a blast and he really pushes me just enough to be able to reach my gym goals! So far I’ve been training with him for 15 months and continuing!

Christopher Rideau

It has been a year since I began training at LFBX. From the time of the first trial, I enjoy training every session. My trainer explains to me about each exercise and how it helps me.  I never get tired of training at LFBX because we do a different kind of circuit every time. Also, I participate in group training and all the people I meet are good people. In addition to training, my trainer gives great advice on meals and lifestyle improvements.  I tried improving eating habits that he taught me and lost about 7 kg in 3 months! It is fun to get results!  I recommend LFBX!

Reika Hashimoto

I have been training at LFBX for about a year really enjoy Group Training Sessions.  LFBX Gym is very close to Sugamo station, so it’s easy to commute and my trainer creates fun programs that are always fresh and challenging.  Having my trainer’s support and the support of my friends in the group motivates me and makes training easy to continue and enjoy.  My trainer gives us good advice on healthy eating, so I have found it easy to lose weight and look great!

Hitomi Taniguchi

Bodhi as a personal trainer is indispensable to my workouts. He has taught me to train smart, safe and effectively, and I’ve seen real gains in a short amount of time. As a competitive physique athlete himself, he brings a lot of knowledge to the program and is a really enjoyable person to be around.

Peter Gomm

I had been an occasional gym goer for years. I never really knew what I was doing, but I knew I wanted to be in better shape. At some of the gyms I joined they offered personal trainers. Unfortunately, they never felt like they were actually invested in helping me get to where I needed to be. Too clinical, too robotic, and too cold. Bodhi is a personal trainer who actually wants to get the results you are looking for, and will stick with you every step of the way. Bodhi will check in with you via message or email to see how you are doing. There is a genuine level of concern for your well being with Bodhi. His personal training is truly one of a kind, and I have a healthier and stronger body to thank for it.

Bob Werley


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